We're a collective of entrepreneurs, creatives & professionals getting down to the nitty-gritty

    to grow our businesses together.

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    Goal Setting

    • Set your 90-day goals each quarter with guided expert coaching.
    • Stay accountable with our customized goal tracker and your accountability group. 
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    People Power

    • Build your business quicker & easier within a dedicated supportive, inclusive and diverse group.
    • Group members provide feedback, contribute fresh perspectives and share resources to get you into action and keep you on track.
    • Connecting with a network of people who can provide guidance, assistance and cheerleading is critical to achieving your goals.
    • Don't work in isolation.
    • Recieve the social support you need to be successful.
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    Resource Sharing

    • ​Develop your business ideas and solve business challenges through the power of collective idea generation, problem-solving and resource sharing. 
    • Get access to a wide range of new knowledge, skillsets and networks all at your fingertips.
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  • A goal is an idea of a future desired result that you Visualize, Plan and Commit to achieve.  Why not connect with a dedicated community to support you?

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    Work on your goals within a 90 Day Segment. Then Repeat.

    With a proven model and a support system, you will be able to manage your goals in smaller chunks of activity for better results.

    90-day goals are better than 1-year goals. Here's Why:
    • They keep you relevant & flexible.
    • Managing smaller chunks of information produces laser-focus.
    • Limited timeframes & accountability eliminate procrastination and get rid of "the fluff" to act now.
  • Validate Your Ideas Faster

    Solve Your Problems in Real-time
    Thrive Within a Dedicated Support System
    Build Your Confidence
    Build Your Business
  • How It Works


    Sign Up

    Submit your 1st month's payment. You will receive an email to join the slack channel and access to the biz toolkit.


    Set Goals

    Every Week we set our top 3 weekly goals.

    Each Quarter we set our larger 90 days goals.


    Work on Goals

    We meet bi-weekly for 60 minutes to share our progress receive support and be supported with information and resources.


    Members also have access to participate in workshops and coaching with Founder, Ayanna McMullen



    At the end of every week and every quarter we celebrate our business Wins!

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