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    Monthly Networking Events

    for under-resourced entrepreneurs

    Our vision is to keep The Network Incubator forever free to the business community, especially for women & minorities who face inequitable barriers to resources & funding.

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    Workshops & Trainings


    The Network Incubator hosts a series of holistic skillshare workshops, business presentations & trainings for personal, business and mindset development of startup entrepreneurs.

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    Business Accelerator

    Our Social Enterprise Accelerator provides emerging entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses around thier social missions.

  • 2019


    500 Businesses


    17 States


    21 Countries


    69% Women


    60% Minority



    Benefits & Features of Sponsorship


    • Enhanced Visibility & Brand Exposure to boost brand recognition.
    • Localized & Global Reach to a diverse group of small business owners in various industries.
    • Targeted Marketing and Audience Reach to leverage marketing efforts and generate leads.
    • Credibility and Association that builds trust among your consumers/customers/clients.
    • Positive Public Relations and Community Engagement to enhance customer loyalty
    • Alignment with Diversity Goals highlighting your organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion.
    • Data and Insights Sharing to better inform your business decisions.


    • Monthly Network Event In-Person & Online Visibility
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Newsletter & Email Clickable Logo
    • Social Meda Spotlights
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